Healing Through Tradition

Our teaching academy is a pathway for the advancement of Traditional Thai Medical Massage (TTMM) & Energy Work. We integrate the ancient healing traditions of the past (Thai, Ayurvedic and TCM) with today’s health needs. Our classes in TTMM are aimed at enhancing the knowledge and effectiveness of therapists and healers to meet their clients’ changing physical needs in a compassionate and grounded way.

What Makes Us Different

Our teaching academy thrives on a solid foundation of the ancient healing arts. Our mission is to go beyond postures and theory, allowing the therapist fo find their own sacred healing ability. Our students learn Traditional Thai Massage as taught at the traditional “Old Medicine Hospital” in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This lineage has been passed down to Vicki Kemner-Ramsdell, who is now one of the leading authorities of therapeutic Thai Medical Massage for neuromuscular diseases and other chronic illnesses.  Our classes are taught by highly trained professionals with thousands of client contact hours. Their objective is to teach from the heart, with wisdom and compassion, giving concentrated attention to each of our students.  We believe that the lineage of the teaching combined with our unique teaching methods are what separate us from other schools.

Who Could Benefit From Training?

  • Licensed Massage Therapists, LMT
  • Professional Schools who want to add Thai Therapy to their existing curriculum
  • Spa’s or Wellness Centers
  • Physical Therapists or P.T. assistants
  • Chiropractors
  • Nurses
  • Yoga or Pilate’s Teachers
  • Personal Trainers
  • Martial Artists
  • Energy Workers
  • Or anyone who wants to learn to administer compassionate care

We sincerely invite you to contact our Academy with your questions or to arrange a private or group class.

With Metta,

Metta Hand and heart